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This video summarizes some of the hard work that I have done over the years to make WARD 5 the best that it can be.

The DC Voice Talks with WARD 5 Candidate Kathy Henderson at the Wilson Building

WASHINGTON (WJLA) -- Northeast Washington may be safer than it used to be, but there is still plenty of crime to be fighting. "National Night Out" is being organized to do just this.

WASHINGTON (ABC7) — A small group was 'walking the beat' Friday evening, in D.C.'s Carver Terrace neighborhood.Only about a dozen people--citizen volunteers, accompanied by two police officers.


(WJLA) - Elizabeth Hutcheson, 86, is a retired federal worker and doesn’t know too much about rent costs. She knew nothing about the 30-something-year-old man who approached her at a Safeway and offered to help her home with her groceries last October.

Kathy Henderson and WASHINGTON (ABC7) — 7 On Your Side's Q McCray goes looking for answers into a woman's rat-infested apartment and the landlord who would not help her out.

A program to get District residents working is not being fully enforced. With a 9.9 percent unemployment rate, there are now calls for the city government to be more vigilant about enforcing requirements for contractors to hire city workers. Northeast D.C. activist Kathy Henderson showed up at construction sites Tuesday questioning whether they were complying with the 51 percent rule.

A small group was 'walking the beat' Friday evening, in D.C.'s Carver Terrace neighborhood. Only about a dozen people--citizen volunteers, accompanied by two police officers. We don't want a bloody summer. So we are the firewall between escalating crime," A

Riders of ATVs and motorbikes are openly breaking the law on D.C. streets, but there’s not much police can do about it. “The guys do all kinds of tricks in the street,” D.C. resident Mark Rice said. “They got the quads and they’re doing the wheelies and stuff like that.” Dirt bikes, four-wheelers, and other ATVs are illegal in the District, but the drivers know police can’t chase them.

WASHINGTON (ABC7) — If you're not careful, an attorney might take control of everything you own, charge you hundreds of dollars an hour, and you or your family won't be able to fire them. If that sounds unfair, it happens every day at probate court.

WASHINGTON (ABC7) — On Monday, community leaders took part in a safety walk in response to recent violent crime in Northeast Washington.

Between January and July, 55 juveniles were arrested in connection to carjacking investigations, that’s almost four times as many as this time last year. “That is just so egregiously disgraceful, the words juveniles, carjackings don’t even belong in the same...

ANC Commissioner Kathy Henderson hit the streets in the 5th District with D.C. Police Monday night. Their presence in the Northeast D.C. neighborhood comes just hours after a homeowner was shot outside of his home.ABC7 News' Tim Barber has more on the

Community Activist Kathy Henderson said former Mayor Adrian Fenty has been gone less than two months and already her neighborhood is covered in trash. Years ago, Fenty came to Henderson's neighborhood and made a big show of clearing illegally dumped trash from an alley in the rear of the 1800 block of Maryland Avenue NE.