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Enforcing Law and Order at the Starburst Plaza

US Attorney Channing Phillips Addresses 5D Court Watch Meeting

Chairing Well-Attended Community Meetings
Working to Make Our Community Sparkle
DPW Has Our Back
Engaging DPW to Keep My Community Clean

Celebrating DC Streetcars with Councilmember Cheh

DC Street Car Support


DC Street Car Support
Streetcar launch with DDOT director Lief Dormsjo and Robert Pittman

Working with CSOSA to Help Former Offenders Lead Productive Lives

Empowering the Jetu Tenant Association
Connecting Residents Before Cleaning
Halloween at Safeway : Building Community
Working with 5D Commander William Fitzgerald to Keep Our Community Safe
A Clean Community is a Safe Community
Connecting With Our Officers and Neighbors Before Cleaning
Working With Community Partners to Keep Our Community Clean and Strong
Supporting Crime Camera Initiative
We Are The Community, We Are Strong
Hanging Out With the Other Commissioner Henderson at the Verizon Center
Neighbors Discuss Issues With Councilmember Vincent Orange
Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Walking the Community
"When Citizens Have a Strong Hold, Criminals Cannot Get a Foot Hold"

Award to ANC Commissioner Kathy Henderson for Outstanding Service from 5th District CAC June 2016

Former U.S. Attorney Vince Cohen, Kathy Henderson and Former U.S. Attorney Ronald Machen

Community Meeting to Address Public Safety and Metrobus Concerns
Walk Through with City Administrator and Mayor Bowser's Cabinet to Resolve ANC 5D05 Issues
Taking Back 19th Street NE
Thumbs Up For Community Police Partnerships
Hosting DOES to Help Residents Find Jobs
Hosting DOES to Help Residents Find Jobs
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