Photo Gallery

CHALLENGES - Trash Elimination
CHALLENGES - Drug Dealers
Grand Opening of Planet Fitness in Ivy City
DC Street Car Launch
A Strong Community is an Active Community
Congresswoman Norton Supports Our Community
Promoting Statehood at the 2000 Democratic Convention
Walking With Our Mayors in the Neighboorhood Brings Government Closer to the People

Celebrating National Night Out at the Starburst Plaza

Facilitating Effective Community Meetings
Making the Anacostia River a Priority
Channing Court Tree Planting
Bringing The Neighborhood Together for Movie Night
Denouncing drug use with Senator Kennedy, Judge Arthur Burnett and stakeholders
Taking back 19th Street
Making the neighborhood age friendly
We Support Our Officers and They Support Us!

Cleaning Up the Community

Officer Friendly
"When Citizens Have a Stronghold, Criminals Can't Get a Foothold"
Economic Development -Strong Community Partners
Judge Robert Rigsby (middle) and Donald Temple
Residents and Law Enforcement: A Partnership that Works!
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